Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bioaqua Trout Farm - Al Assi River, Hermel - Bekaa valley, Lebanon.

For over 50 years, Owned by Kanso family, Bioaqua Trout Farm has been the leader of trout farming on the bank of Al-Assi river, in Hermel area north-east of Lebanon.

Triploid Rainbow Trout is the main fish Bioaqua is culturing.

Mr. Haidar Kanso
Bioaqua possess their own hatchery not only to stock their ponds and raceways but also to supply other farmers with premium fingerlings, fertilized eggs are imported from reputable suppliers in Europe and North America. 

Mr. Kanso at the hatchery checking the trout eggs.
In a highly hygienic and sterile slaughterhouse, Bioaqua prepare their products before delivery for both local markets and for export, Bioaqua ship their fresh products to United Arab Emirates, Syria and Jordan.    

Bioaqua also supply their customers with excellent trout fillets.

Early morning trout feeding frenzy in Bioaqua Trout farm. 


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  2. Looking as a good job.
    How possible are to immigrate from Europe to Lebanon and work to fish farms?
    Kind regards.!